Hair care advertisements, From concept to execution, teamed with a high quality expert team.

Hardship in Hair Advertisement.

The client, the agency, the production company, the studio…

Whatever your involvement, if you have experienced shooting a commercial for a hair care product, you know the difficulty in expressing "hair", and the special skills required.

Each project member will have an abstract image, and expressing it with "hair" can be a difficult task. You often find that in reality, the outcome does not resemble the original image members had for their idea of hair expression.

Overcoming the Difficulties Expressing "Hair"

"Sleek Hair" "Light hair" "Shiny Hair" "Healthy Hair" "Manageable Hair" "Damaged Hair"…
How do we embody and express on a single photo the different conditions of hair, and keep that expression always fresh and new?
How do we make the hair art direction go beyond the client's expectation?

"Hair Expert Guild", a collective team of hair experts, has been formed to give solutions to these problems.

"Hair Tech" to bring alive "Hair Expressions"

Yuki Tanaka has had extensive experience with hair care advertisements, and has acquired the special "Hair Tech" necessary in shooting "hair".
It is the meticulously controlled technique to express "Hair" in a single photo.
Behind the perfect hair, there are hours of preparation and work to create subtle hair movements and the shine. In order to achieve this perfect hair, one must have the skill and the experience to calculate the process from the end look; the "Hair Tech"

While there has been a team of " Hair Technicians" abroad, there has never been a team formed in Japan.

Teamwork indispensable
for the perfect Hair Expression

"Hair Shot" is different from the usual "Hair Make-up" as there are prerequisites like "Hair line", "Hair movements", and "Hair shine" all of which must be meticulously calculated. More than the usual hair/make-up, one must be able to imagine and picture the end look-through the view finder, the computer, and post retouching.

There must be a photographer, a hair technician, a retoucher, all working together with their expertise as a team, to give the perfect result.

Japan's First "Hair Tech" Unit and Its Merit

Having Yuki Tanaka as the leader of the "Hair Tech" unit, and involving him from the initial idea meetings, can prevent the common misunderstandings in the presentations leading up to the shoot, as well as minimizing confusion during the shoot.

A collective team necessary for Hair production, from a distinguished photographer to a retoucher, will be gathered to complete the production process– "hair ideas" → shoot → retouching → final photo. Involving a retoucher in the team can help in picturing the finished look, reassuring quality, at the same time minimizing the shoot time, which will help manage production cost.

Creative 7 Processes.

New "Hair" Expressions and going beyond.

Hair Expert Guild: it’s not just a group of artists, but a group of professionals offering ideas for hair executions to not just satisfy clients’ needs, but to exceed their expectations.
The high level of techniques gained from past experiences enable us to materialize with effectiveness and speed. This means even with a short period for preparation to the shoot, we can achieve results with our skill and teamwork.
We believe this speed can lead to the success of the hair care business. Let’s explore hair care advertisements for a higher quality in creativeness and offer new benefits.

It can all start here with Hair Expert Guild.